Dry cannabis better, faster: Increasing speed to market and reducing drying bottlenecks

May 25, 2022


Currently, the commercial cannabis production industry relies on slow, inefficient drying practices that can result in lower-quality products and the proliferation of mold and bacteria contamination during the drying process.

So, what is the best way to dry cannabis?

REV™ (Radiant Energy Vacuum) dehydration equipment and technology. 

Methods of cannabis drying have evolved over time, which can likely be attributed to the taboos associated with cannabis commercialization in several countries. Two widely regarded traditional approaches to drying cannabis include rack drying and hang drying, which both require 7-14 days in large dedicated drying rooms. Additionally, there is no way to forecast the endpoint of overall time for the drying cycle, so growers typically deem the bud dry based on the texture. However, these methods are problematic as they are time inefficient and facilitate the growth of mold. 

Needless to say, there are challenges with traditional drying methods, including long drying periods, poor quality, and risk of mold growth, to name a few.  

Freeze drying is another commonly used modern method of drying cannabis. Freeze drying takes an average of 10-15 hours, which is faster than traditional methods but consumes vast amounts of energy.


REV drying is a relatively new process that reduces bottlenecks and decreases drying time compared to traditional drying methods such as hang drying and rack drying. High-frequency microwaves create a vapour pressure within cannabis by generating internal heat, thus forcing moisture outward.


REV has faster operational speed, uses energy more efficiently, has lower operating costs, and produces higher quality cannabis compared to the other identified approaches. A research article published in 2021 states that REV technology “combines the advantages of the rapid volumetric heating by microwaves and the low-temperature evaporation of moisture with faster moisture removal by vacuum” (Challa et al., 2021).  Moreover, microwave vacuum drying can uniformly dry cannabis to precise specifications. 


EnWave’s Terpene Max protocol on a 120kW machine can transform 140 lbs. of wet cannabis into 33 lbs. of dried, ready-to-cure product in just 60-90 minutes. Our Rapid Extract or Bioburden Redux protocol on a 120kW machine can transform 230 lbs. of wet cannabis into 50 lbs. of dried, ready-to-cure product in just 60 minutes. The increased speed helps bring products to market faster, creating more profit potential.


A 120kW REV drying machine occupies less than 2,000 sq feet of valuable real estate in your cultivation facility, compared to almost 9,000 sq feet to produce the same throughput required for hang drying cannabis. This allows large cultivators to optimize their facility use and scale up to additional REV drying machines as their production capacity and product offering evolves.


REV drying improves quality as well as speed. EnWave Corporation’s cannabis drying machines preserves 20% more terpenes and 25% more cannabinoids. Terpenes are important as they make certain cannabis strains smell and taste different than others. Cannabinoids interact with receptors in the central nervous system, which regulate cell communication.  

The process of REV is a closed-loop extraction system, which protects against contamination. Furthermore, REV using Rapid Extract or Bioburden Redux protocol achieves more than a 3-log reduction of crop damaging microbes compared to traditional drying. 


Reducing inefficiencies and bottlenecks is critical in strengthening commercial cannabis operations. Your organization’s people, processes, and technologies are at the forefront of operational efficiency. REV technology is an innovative solution that redefines cannabis products and drying capabilities while lowering costs, simplifying operations, reducing risk improving quality and consistency.  

Speed and quality are critical features in cannabis production. Therefore, having a system that diminishes work-in-progress build-up while preserving potency is key. EnWave’s cutting-edge vacuum microwave drying target inefficiencies, wait times, and produce exceptional products. 

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