How to Start a Business with REV Drying

What is REV Drying, and how do you create a sustainable business model utilizing rapid, gentle drying technology?

Radiant Energy Vacuum Dehydration (REV™) technology is a fast, low-temperature dehydration process that retains a fresh product’s flavour, colour, and nutrient levels. Unlike freeze drying, REV technology allows for drying with a flexible and customizable moisture content that achieves exceptional results. EnWave’s patented machines range in a variety of sizes and drying capacities, from small scale R&D trials to large scale commercial production.

How can you set your company up for success with REV Drying?

The following seven stages will provide a comprehensive guide on how to successfully start a business with REV drying technology. Following this action plan will ensure your business is set up to achieve your revenue goals while maximizing profit and getting the most out of your REV drying machine.

Stage 1: R&D, Sample Development

The first stage is about creation and communication. Our food scientists are REV drying experts and work closely with our partners to consistently create innovative and outstanding products. The R&D and sample development phase take roughly three months. This timeframe is dedicated to developing variations of products, fine-tuning recipes and protocols, and receiving internal feedback.

Stage 2: The Initial Investment

The initial investment stage is meant to give potential partners a feel for using REV drying technology in their facilities with their own teams, and consider how REV drying fits into their overall business plans and goals. This stage can consist of a short-term technology evaluation and license agreement option (TELOA) rental at your facility for three to six months. EnWave is committed to providing continuous support to further develop your understanding and application of REV technology.

Stage 3: Marketing Strategy Development

Stage three is all about building your business’ brand image and strategic product positioning. REV is a unique form of drying that gives your business a creative marketing edge. This phase takes approximately three months to develop the product and determine the ideal marketing mix to hit your targets and markets, while you and your team develop the packaging design and distribution strategy.

Stage 4: In-Market Product Pilot

Stage four provides the opportunity to test assumptions, evaluate the feasibility of your product in the market, and gain valuable insights regarding design. This phase is critical in integrating solutions or improvements before the product launch. This stage of planning usually takes approximately three to four months to conduct a product evaluation and assess consumer intent.

Stage 5: Product Launch and Distribution

The product launch stage is essential in gaining actionable consumer feedback. Collecting data on consumer experience will inform any required process changes or product improvements. After the initial launch, your business will be on track to converting the rental to a 10kW machine purchase. After securing the purchase of the 10kW machine, you will be ready to implement your marketing and distribution plans.

Stage 6: Machine Scale Up

Once your REV dried product has successfully gained traction, your business should consider plans to scale-up to additional 10kW machines or larger machines like the 60kW or 120kW, in either the tray or basket-based configuration. We strongly suggest that your operations team does a thorough forecasting analysis to determine which REV model will have the capacity to fulfill customer demand and new product orders.

Step 7: Additional Product Line Rollout

As you see success in the initial product roll out, you can consider launching an additional product line. After you have been successful for some time in your markets, you will be prepared to rollout new consumer-facing product lines, including premium, signature, and family varieties.



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Start Your REV Drying Journey Today

Starting a new business can be stressful, but we’re here to help. Hopefully, this step-by-step guide to a starting a successful business adopting the REV drying process can help alleviate uncertainty and give you an idea of your development program with EnWave’s support. Start your REV journey today. Get in touch with us today!

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