EnWave Announces Renewal of Normal Course Issuer Bid

December 5, 2023

Delta, BC, December 5, 2023

EnWave Corporation (TSX-V:ENW | FSE:E4U) (“EnWave”, or the “Company”) announced today that the TSX Venture Exchange (“TSXV”) has provided conditional acceptance of the Company’s normal course issuer bid, subject to the Company meeting all of the requirements of the TSXV.

Under the terms of the normal course issuer bid, EnWave may acquire up to 10,799,564 common shares, representing 10% of the public float of EnWave as of December 5, 2023.  The Company is conducting the NCIB in order to maintain flexibility to purchase the common shares, if, among other things, the Company determines that it is an appropriate use of corporate funds based on the market price of the common shares from time to time. 

As of December 5, 2023, the Company had 110,695,055 common shares outstanding.  Under the TSXV policies, EnWave is entitled to purchase up to 2,213,901 shares in any 30-day period up to the maximum of 10,799,564.

The purchases may commence on December 5, 2023 and will end on December 6, 2024 or on such earlier date as EnWave may complete its purchases pursuant to the notice of intention to make a normal course issuer bid filed with the TSXV.  The actual number of common shares which will be purchased and the timing of any such purchases will be determined by the Company.  All shares purchased by the Company will be on the open market through the facilities of TSXV by Cormark Securities Inc. acting on behalf of EnWave in accordance with the policies of the TSXV and will be surrendered by the Company to its transfer agent for cancellation.  The prices that EnWave will pay for any of the common shares purchased will be the market price of the shares at the time of acquisition.

EnWave did not purchase or cancel any common shares under the previous normal course issuer bid that commenced on November 22, 2022 and expired on November 23, 2023.

About EnWave  

EnWave is a global leader in the innovation and application of vacuum microwave dehydration. From its headquarters in Delta, BC, EnWave has developed a robust intellectual property portfolio, perfected its Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV™) technology, and transformed an innovative idea into a proven, consistent, and scalable drying solution for the food, pharmaceutical and cannabis industries that vastly outperforms traditional drying methods in efficiency, capacity, product quality, and cost.

With more than fifty royalty-generating partners spanning twenty-six countries and five continents, EnWave’s licensed partners are creating profitable, never-before-seen snacks and ingredients, improving the quality and consistency of their existing offerings, running leaner and getting to market faster with the company’s patented technology, licensed machinery, and expert guidance.

EnWave’s strategy is to sign royalty-bearing commercial licenses with food producers who want to dry better, faster and more economical than freeze drying, rack drying and air drying, and enjoy the following benefits of producing exciting new products, reaching optimal moisture levels up to seven times faster, and improve product taste, texture, color and nutritional value.

Learn more at EnWave.net

EnWave Corporation 

Mr. Brent Charleton, CFA 

President and CEO 

For further information: 

Brent Charleton, CFA, President and CEO at +1 (778) 378-9616 
E-mail: bcharleton@enwave.net  

Dylan Murray, CFO at +1 (778) 870-0729
E-mail: dmurray@enwave.net   

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