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Kathmandu Curry, Irish Shepherd’s Pie, Indian Red Lentil Stew, Hungarian Goulash

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Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Non-GMO, Dehydrated Adventure and Hiking Meals



About Nomad Nutrition

Born in the mountain ranges of British Columbia, Canada, Nomad Nutrition is the culmination of a lifelong pursuit of wild places and good food. Founder Denis Mikhailov, an avid climber, spent years looking for the best food to fuel his body and his adventures.

On trips, with little time to prepare, Denis often ended up eating uninspiring pre-packaged camp meals that didn’t do much for his energy levels or his digestive system.

A chance encounter with a mountain guide and his homemade dehydrated food sparked the concept of Nomad Nutrition. Denis realized that it was possible to make hiking and travel food that tastes great and keeps you feeling good.

Denis began experimenting in his own kitchen and developed the pillars that later shaped his company values:

  1. Use the highest quality organic, non-GMO, locally sourced ingredients
  2. Focus on small batch & in-house cooking
  3. Ensure the use of natural ingredients without any chemicals or preservatives of any kind
  4. Adhere to a plant-based diet geared towards athletes and ensure the product is accessible to those that suffer from allergens
  5. Respect wild places & keep a small eco-footprint

Denis feels that these pillars along with Nomad Nutrition’s meals will leave people feeling good and give them the energy they need to enjoy the mountains.

question & answer with Denis Mikhailov, the founder of nomad nutrition

Denis, the founder of Nomad Nutrition, shared his experiences working with the EnWave team as an early stage start-up company.

Question 1: technology search

EnWave: What dehydration technologies were you evaluating during your search for a drying solution?

Nomad Nutrition: My technology search started with the usual suspects which included classic Dehydration (air drying) and Freeze Drying. For a start-up, both methods were enticing because of the amount of micro-scale equipment available on the market.

This meant I could start with a counter-top air dehydrator in my home kitchen. However, my test meals took days to dehydrate and resulted in less than a kilogram of dried product. The final moisture content was also extremely hard to control. It became obvious that this method would not scale.

Alternatively, Freeze-Drying had issues of its own. When working with a micro-scale freeze-dryer the process took 72 hours and the equipment had an air pump that used machine oil. The oil in the pump would clog with food particles and this affected the final moisture content and the quality of the product. To maintain quality, the pump had to be flushed after every use.

It became very apparent that there must be a better and cleaner way to dehydrate food.

Question 2: finding enwave

EnWave: How did you first come across EnWave when you started looking for a technology to help you process your product?

Nomad Nutrition: We discovered EnWave quite by chance! After mentioning the concept of Nomad Nutrition at a local networking event, a peer recommended that I talk to the team at EnWave Corporation.

After a few conversations, I showed up at the EnWave Pilot Plant with a bowl of what would later become our “Irish Shepherd’s Pie”.

After some time discussing product characteristics, I started working with the Food Science team and we created Nomad’s first official formulation.

Question 3: best fit

EnWave: What made REV technology seem like the best fit for your needs?

Nomad Nutrition: Discovering REV™ has been a breakthrough for Nomad Nutrition. Innovation in the dehydrated meals industry has been stagnant for a long time. REV is not only the most innovative and new dehydration process for us, but we found that it’s also the most efficient at locking all the nutrients and vitamins within the cell walls of food.

The REV process offered the smallest eco-footprint when comparing to Freeze-Drying or classic air dehydration methods.

The most important factor to our customers is that the REV™ process leaves food looking, smelling, and tasting as if the food was prepared a minute ago by your family at home.



What was your experience like working in the pilot plant with EnWave’s Food Science team? How would you describe the Research and Development phase?

Nomad Nutrition:
Working with the Food Science team was incredibly fortuitous for us because we could leverage their wealth of knowledge and expertise during our R&D phase.

It took roughly 6 months to fine tune our recipes and ingredients to optimize the process with REV™. The biggest challenge was to create a repeatable and high-quality cooking process. That way we could maximize the efficiency of the drying process. We had to make sure it was commercially viable and profitable.


 What role did EnWave’s Food Science team play in helping you create your product formulations?

Nomad Nutrition: The Food Science team was instrumental in helping us determine which ingredients would dehydrate fast and rapidly rehydrate.

At Nomad Nutrition, we pride ourselves on having the fastest reabsorption meals on the market. Our meals rehydrate in 10 minutes and taste as if they were freshly cooked!


 As an entrepreneur with a new start-up, did EnWave help you overcome any challenges? What was it like working with the Business Development team?

Nomad Nutrition: As an entrepreneur of a new start-up, EnWave has been a very good partner to us. EnWave took a chance on us, and with REV™ technology we became a leader in the ready-to-eat meal industry.

The business team at EnWave were very patient with us throughout our R&D process as well as during commercial negotiation.

A lot of moving pieces had to come together for Nomad Nutrition in order to not only purchase a REV™ machine, but to also build a state-of-the-art food processing plant from scratch capable of housing the technology.


EnWave: What have been some of the best customer comments you’ve had so far on your trial batch or initial products?

Nomad Nutrition: The most common response we get during product demos is “Oh, this actually tastes good!”. We worked hard to ensure Nomad Nutrition has the best tasting meals on the market. This is why we use the freshest ingredients from local organic farmers and all of our meals are cooked from scratch and are REV™ dried on premises.


EnWave: Where can people find your products for purchase?

Nomad Nutrition: Nomad Nutrition can be purchased nationally in every major Canadian city through such stores as Mountain Equipment Coop ( or Valhalla Pure Outfitters (

We also ship internationally through our website (  where we offer free shipping on orders over $100 and discounts through email sign up. So far, we have shipped to such destinations as Australia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Norway, Italy, Russia, Israel, Brazil and of course, the United States.


EnWave: Would you recommend EnWave to other entrepreneurs and start-up food companies?

Nomad Nutrition: If you are looking for the best food dehydration technology on the market, then EnWave is the company I would recommend.

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