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We make product development easy by pairing you with our REV™ drying experts.

Spend a day with us at our Pilot Plant, rent a machine, or ask us to dry product for you at our REVworx™ toll-drying facility. We offer product development packages that scale with your business needs.

We work with you one-on-one to ensure your REV™ dried product meets your specifications. Our REV™ experts support your product innovation goals.

Ready to taste the REV™ difference? 
Book a discovery call with our team or explore our flexible product development packages below. 

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pilot plant rental packages for fast-tracked r&D

Visit EnWave’s Canadian headquarters and run product trials in our Pilot Plant.

Bring your own ingredients, or source them locally to run a series of product trials. Work with a team of REV™ experts to see and learn the technology first hand.

  • Work directly with a drying expert
  • Optimize the REV™ drying process for your products
  • Set a series of testing goals and desired outcomes (texture, mouth feel, formulation, moisture content, etc)
  • Take the most promising samples back to the office to share with your team

We offer packages to meet your innovation requirements. Tell us about your project so we can create a custom plan for your drying needs. 

How it Works:

guided trials with REV™ experts

Our team of experts will work with you to create a drying plan for the duration of your visit. They will also work alongside you during the entire drying session so that you achieve the desired outcomes.


Have a specific set of ingredients or product characteristics in mind? We help you achieve these goals by optimizing the REV™ process and pre-process for the best results.


Ship home any samples you produce to be used for evaluation or as a reference.


With flexible packages, EnWave can tailor each product development package to your needs for the best value and within most budgets.


REVworx™ toll drying services provide the benefits of REV™ drying technology without the need for in-house processing or capital investments.

We pair your food products with our patented drying technology.

Ready to scale up?

Our tolling facility can meet your volume needs. Or, you can scale up with a machine purchase when you’re ready to bring the process in-house.

Ready to taste the REV™ difference?

Tell us about your project so we can create a custom plan for your food drying needs.


With short term rentals, you can integrate REV™ into your facility prior to purchase.

Rental agreements called “TELOAs” (Technology Evaluation and License Option Agreements) are 3-4 month rental agreements. These agreements are designed for extended R&D at your facility, small production runs for market trials, and team training.

Included in your rental package:

  • Installation Supervision By EnWave’s Installation Experts
  • Training from REV™ Food Scientists
  • Ongoing support with REV™ process optimization



REV™ machines scale with your business needs. Ready to bring REV™ technology in-house?

Our team of experts and installation professionals can provide the facility requirements, certification specifications and can assist with the machines installation and start-up.

Included in your purchase:

  • Installation Supervision By EnWave’s Installation Experts
  • Training from REV™ Food Scientists
  • Ongoing support with REV™ process optimization

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