Food & Ingredients


Retain near fresh flavour and colour in REV™ dried products. This is ideal for premium snack products and ingredients.

Uniform volumetric drying allows for high level control over final moisture and texture while still achieving shelf stable end products.

Fruit & Vegetables
Whole Pieces, Inclusions

Dairy Products 
Cheese Puffs, Powders, Yogurt Snacks

Ready to Eat Meals & Snacks
Single or multi-ingredient snacks and meals

Meat & Seafood
Meat Jerky, Protein Chips, Pet Food

Discover new possibilities

Our REV dehydration technology allows the user to unlock new a wide variety of textures and food properties.

Ranging from the crunchiest to the perfect amount of chewiness needed.

  • Develop clean label premium snacks with high margins
  • Leverage excess raw material for additional income streams

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Chewy or crunchy

Uniform volumetric drying allows for high level control over final moisture and texture while still achieving shelf stable end products.

That means crunchy or chewy, shelf stable products are possible to suit your customer’s preferences.


Precise Moisture Control & Processing flexibility

  • Crunchy, protein rich snacks
  • Shelf stable for at least one year
  • Any desired moisture level can be achieved

Maintain Active Cultures in Yogurt

  • Low-temperature drying maintains active cultures in puffed yogurt snacks
  • Allows the health benefits of refrigerated yogurt to be offered through shelf stable, dried yogurt snacks

Shelf Stable Dairy Products

  • Healthy, on-the-go dairy snacks are available to consumers with no refrigeration required
  • These snacks are especially popular among Keto diet consumers looking for crunchy snack alternatives with low carbohydrates

New Product Opportunities

  • Clean label products
  • No preservatives required to keep products shelf stable
  • Unique puffed and crunchy texture make for a unique snacking experience

Shelf Stable Packaged Meals

  • Create healthy ready to eat meals and snacks
  • Combine premium dried ingredients that maintain their quality over a prolonged shelf life

Precise Moisture Control & Processing flexibility

  • Uniform drying allows for an array of textures
  • Precise control over the final moisture content allows for chewy and crunchy products

Clean Label Pack And Go Options

  • Options perfect for adventure athletes and people looking for healthier
    pre-packaged alternatives
  • Dried meals are lightweight and nutrient rich
  • Avoid bland and unappetizing products by preserving the nutrition, colour and flavours

Nutrient Rich Products

  • Products to retain nutrients
  • REV™ drying method ideal for healthier shelf stable meals
  • REV reduces the oxidization of the materials during the drying process and reducing the drying temperatures to create a very gentle drying procedure

Shelf Stable Produce

  • Give produce a longer lifespan with a stable shelf life between one and two years
  • The uniform, low-temperature drying allow products to keep a natural colour and texture even when dried

Leverage Any Grade of Produce

  • Transform raw materials into premium ingredients
  • Drive revenue streams with dried powders or pieces
  • High nutrient retention for high value ingredients

Clean Label Snacks and Ingredients

  • Dried fruit and vegetable products do not require added sugar, sulfites or other preservatives
  • Retain near fresh flavour and colour
  • Ideal for premium snack products and ingredients

Precise Moisture Control & Processing Flexibility

  • Allows for shelf stable meat and Seafood products
  • Crunchy or chewy textured snack products can be made
  • Innovation can be achieved quickly with the guidance of EnWave’s Food Science Team

Process Premium Snacks

  • Low-cost drying method
  • Products retain nutrients, attractive flavours and natural colours
  • Fast, low temperature processing

New Product Opportunities

  • Puffed characteristics possible
  • Ability to dry any food material to very low moisture levels
  • Unique product characteristics allow for differentiation from current snack products in the market.

Pet Food Applications

  • Clean label, premium pet food applications are possible
  • Dry an array of meat and seafood products for pet food inclusions
  • Dry whole pieces for stand alone treats

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