The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) & Highly Dutch

Before EnWave, The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) struggled with bottlenecks.


Business was booming for TGOD and harvests were great. There was just one problem: The drying process was taking too long and dragging down profitability. Adding more dry rooms would take up too much space and increase the risk of microbial contamination. They needed a better way.


Seeing is Believing

Chatting with the cannabis specialists at EnWave, TGOD quickly learned that REV technology might be the perfect solution for the productivity problems, and a visit to our facility sealed the deal. “I had to come to see the technology before I could commit but it was a great experience to see the pilot plant set up,” says John Wren, VP of Operations for TGOD. “Once we saw the results in person—the colour and the smell—we knew all of the right things were going to be retained during the drying process with EnWave’s technology.”


The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD)


Certified Organic Cannabis, Highly Dutch Dried Cannabis Flower


Organically Grown, Premium Quality

EnWave’s proven cannabinoid and terpene retention was icing on the cake.

Adding REV technology to their process dramatically improved production time, let them reclaim valuable production space, and obliterated their bottleneck. “This technology opens so many doors for large producers of cannabis,” says Drying, Curing & Extraction Supervisor, Ryan Bessey. “It saved us so much space in terms of the amount of dry rooms that we needed to have. It brings your dry times from seven days all the way down to one to two hours. It’s amazing.”


Plus, REV’s highly customizable oxygen-free drying process is proven to virtually eliminate all microbial risk and retain or even improve cannabinoid and terpene retention, resulting in a higher yield of more consistent, better quality product in a fraction of the time. There’s little doubt that, for large-scale producers, EnWave’s REV technology can be a game changer. As Ryan notes, “Since introducing REV, we have been able to reshape our harvest process.”

Key Achievements (compared to traditional rack drying)

  • Dries 4-6 times more throughput
  • Retains up to 25% more THC and CBD
  • Retains up to 20% more terpenes
  • Smaller physical footprint (<2000 sq. ft.)


Actual Customer Product Reviews

5 stars

“Great flavor and smell. Always well cured.”

“Great flower, great taste, great high.”