• Dry Vaccines allow for lighter weight, reduced shipping costs
  • Eliminates the need for cold chain storage
  • Continuous production, reduction of facility size

Rapid, Gentle Drying

EnWave’s REV™ technology allows for rapid, gentle drying allows the active components of vaccines to remain alive but also allows for extreme precision over the final moisture content enabling a long shelf life.


High speed processing

Rapid drying with significant time savings over Air Drying and Freeze Drying.

New product opportunities

Unlock product options otherwise unachievable with other technology.


Machine options that scale from research and design, batch production to continuous commercial production.

Reduced energy usage

Rapid drying times equate to reduced energy usage for the equivalent throughput.

Continuous processing

Integrate REV™ technology into your continuous production line for full scale processing.

Flexible moisture content

This uniform drying method allows for a range of final moisture percentages and the ability to create shelf-stable products at various moisture percentages.

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