EnWave Provides Progress Update On Advanced Development Project With US Army To Create Nutrient Rich Field Rations

Jan 29th 18, 09:11

EnWaveCorporation (TSX-V:ENW | FSE:E4U) (“EnWave”, or the “Company”) is pleased to announce thatit has achieved a series of positive product development results in partnershipwith the US Army Natick Soldier R&D Center (“US Army”) as part of a projectto create superior, phytonutrient-rich field rations for soldiers in the field.

Protein is a readily available source of nourishment for field soldiers however, the highly perishable nature of fruits and vegetables presented a challenge for the US Army. By comparison to traditional dehydration techniques, Dr. Tom Yang, leading food technologist forthe US Army, has capitalized on the unique solution that EnWave’s innovative Radiant Energy Vacuum (REVTM) technology provides. By using the Company’s REVTM technology, nutrient-rich rations can be provided to field soldiers in high volumes, with a longer shelf life, without compromise to food quality or soldier performance.

Furthermore, Dr. Yang believes the initial effort has only scratched the surface for future possibilities. Thej oint project between EnWave and the US Army has brought together government,academia and industry to advance the US Army’s objective of creating new innovativefield rations for soldiers. All contracted work is taking place at EnWave’spilot plant facility in Vancouver, Canada. With the first phase of positiveresults achieved, the US Army and EnWave plan to continue in the project withthe ultimate goal of employing REVTM on a commercial basis for theproduction of soldier field rations.

The innovation and success of the Company’songoing project with US Army is highlighted by the recently published articleby NSRDEC Public Affairs entitled “Natick’s compressed “Salad Bar” is tip ofthe iceberg in Soldier food revolution.” This article can be accessed via the following web address: https://www.army.mil/article/199240/naticks_compressed_salad_bar_is_tip_of_the_iceberg_in_soldier_food_revolution

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EnWave will also be presenting at the2018 Cantech Investment Conference on January 31st, 2018, at theToronto Convention Centre, Canada. With 3,000+ attendees, EnWave will be showcasingto the top thought leaders, fastest growing companies, and the most influentialinvestors in the country. John P.A. Budreski, EnWave’s Executive Chairman, willbe presenting at 11:40am EST at the TSX Stage. The company will also beoccupying Booth #517 for the duration of the conference.

AboutUS Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC)

The Soldier’s RDEC – Ensuringdominance through superior Scientific and Engineering expertise NSRDEC providesthe Army with innovative science & technology solutions to optimize soldier/teamperformance and improve combat readiness. By focusing on the soldier domain,NSRDEC incorporates the latest innovations to maximize the warfighter’ssurvivability, sustainability, mobility, combat effectiveness and field qualityof life. Using advanced science and technologygeneration/application/transition that enables rapid evaluation of new equipmentwhen it is needed, NSRDEC continues to empower, unburden and protect warfighters.NSRDEC’s Portfolios and focus areas concentrate on the “The Science Behind theSoldier” and include Soldier & Squad Performance Optimization,Expeditionary Force Projection, Maneuver and Sustainment, Human SystemsIntegration, Individual Multi-Threat Protection, and Soldier Systems EngineeringArchitecture.

About EnWave

EnWave Corporation, a Vancouver-basedadvanced technology company, has developed Radiant Energy Vacuum (“REV™”) – aninnovative, proprietary method for the precise dehydration of organicmaterials. REV™ technology’s commercial viability has been demonstrated and isgrowing rapidly across several market verticals in the food, cannabis, andpharmaceutical sectors. EnWave’s strategy is to sign royalty-bearing commerciallicenses with industry leaders in multiple verticals for the use of REV™technology. The company has signed over twenty royalty-bearing licenses todate, opening up nine distinct market sectors for commercialization of new andinnovative products. In addition to these licenses, EnWave has formed a LimitedLiability Partnership, NutraDried LLP, to develop, manufacture, market and sellall-natural cheese snack products in the United States under the Moon Cheese®brand.

EnWave has introduced REV™ as the newdehydration standard in the food and biological material sectors: faster andcheaper than freeze drying, with better end product quality than air drying orspray drying. EnWave currently has three commercial REV™ platforms:

  1. nutraREV®which is used in the food industry to dry food products quickly and atlow-cost, while maintaining high levels of nutrition, taste, texture andcolour;
  2. powderREV®which is used for the bulk dehydration of food cultures, probiotics and finebiochemicals such as enzymes below the freezing point, and
  3. quantaREV®which is used for continuous, high-volume low-temperature drying.

An additional platform, freezeREV®, is beingdeveloped as a new method to stabilize and dehydrate biopharmaceuticals such asvaccines and antibodies. More information about EnWave is available at www.enwave.net.

EnWave Corporation

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