Dry cannabis so fast it's almost unfair.

EnWave's rapid, gentle REV™ technology will dry quality cannabis in record time.

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Dry up to



140 lbs. of wet cannabis produces 33 lbs. of dried, ready-to-cure product in just 60-90 minutes

Preserve up to



Preserve up to



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Dry better, faster, with REV™

The drying process can be a heavy burden for most large cannabis cultivators. It takes forever, costs a small fortune in labour, and the necessary dry rooms take up too much valuable space. That’s where we come in. EnWave’s Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV) technology transforms a 7-14 day process into a consistent 2-hour drying cycle that has been clinically proven to increase product potency, aroma and aesthetics, and decrease contamination risk.

The result is a revolutionary new drying method that will smash your bottlenecks, decrease your costs, and get your to market faster than ever before.

Lower Costs

  • Save on labour costs
  • Eliminate costly bottlenecks
  • Reclaim valuable floorspace
  • Get to market faster

Higher Quality

  • Preserve potency
  • Improve consistency
  • Target precise moisture levels
  • 3-Log reduction of harmful microbes
  • Protect against oxidization
Air Dried REV™ Dried
Time 7-14 days 1-2 hours
Speed 5.5-8.25 lbs/hr Up to 33 lbs/hr
Contamination Risk High 3-Log reduction
Quality Uneven Controlled, uniform
Potency Substantial loss +20% Terpenes, +25% THC/CBD
Space Required Large drying rooms < 2000 sq. ft.
Cost High labor Low time/labor

“Since introducing REV we have been able to reshape our harvest process....The doors that this opens for large producers are really endless.

- Ryan Bessey

Process Specialist (Drying & Curing) The Green Organic Dutchman

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