Maximizing Terpene Retention: Cannabis Drying with REV™ Technology

White Paper Excerpt: 

Drying bottlenecks caused by insufficient drying room space on-site can be eliminated. The introduction of more stringent quality regulations by Health Canada and other international governing bodies are to ensure the safety of recreational cannabis users is causing Licensed Producers to evaluate their processes.

EnWave Corporation’s Radiant Energy Vacuum (“REV™”) vacuum-microwave technology is proven to facilitate bioburden reduction without the use of irradiating product off-site – a type of ionizing radiation that can damage plant material at the molecular level. Different governing bodies around the world are imposing varying regulations on cannabis supply chains and product standards of cannabis material entering their respective market.

REV™ has the ability to comply with the manufacturing requirements of both GACP or EU-GMP compliant supply chains, along with drying plant material to quality standards set out by international governing bodies.

A Licensed Producer looking to automate processing can increase speed-to-market by taking a 7 to 14 day traditional drying process and lowering it to under 2 hours. A Licensed Producer focused on retaining the broadest spectrum of the cannabinoid and terpene profile in their strains can maximize yield with REV™.

A Licensed Producer tight on space can adopt REV™ technology and convert unneeded drying rooms into value-add, usable real estate.

The intent of this white paper is to provide factual evidence behind EnWave’s new Terpene Max™ drying protocol that can increase both the efficiency and efficacy of a Licensed Producer drying operations.

Details covered in this white paper: 

  • Overview of the REV™ process for Cannabis drying
  • Methodology used for data collection and analysis
  • Drying temperature during the drying process
  • Microbial load reduction data and total aerobic count and yeast and mold count before and after the REV™ drying process
  • THC and CBD retention data for rack drying and REV™ drying processes
  • Terpene retention data and drying temperature chart for the Terpene Max™ REV™ drying process