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About ashgrove farm

The Ashgrove milk and cheese factory is located at Elizabeth Town, in the heart of the dairying and cropping region in Northern Tasmania.  Several generations of Bennett families have been farming the land surrounding the milk and cheese factory since the 1880’s.

In 1993 the Ashgrove Cheese factory was built nearby to the rotary dairy and the first vat of cheese was produced on 29 November 1993.  From an initial small factory, the factory has grown in size over the years.  The factory store which opened in April 1994 has enabled our valued customers and tourists to learn how our cheese is made.

In 2016, our Ashgrove Tasmanian Farm Non – Homogenised Milk and Traditional Cloth Aged Cheddar were both awarded National Gold at the DIAA awards – Dairy Industry Association of Australia.


Ashgrove Farm

Using REV since:



Havarti Cheese AmazeBalls, Tasty Cheddar AmazeBalls, Cider Vinegar Chive AmazeBalls, Pizza Supreme AmazeBalls, Salted Caramel AmazeBalls, Sweet Chili & Sour Cream AmazeBalls

Product Highlights:

High in Protein, Clean Label Ingredient List, Natural


question & answer with Ashgrove tasmanian Farm


Question 1: 

EnWave: Tell us about your company and what inspired this specific product idea?

Ashgrove Farm: Ashgrove is a Tasmanian, family owned dairy business. Our challenge has always been staying relevant in a highly competitive global dairy market. We’re always looking for ways to innovate our products especially with cheese. However, we always have to balance consumer trends in conjunction with machine, factory and team capacity.

For the last couple years, natural snacking has been the main consumer trend. Global connectivity and the internet allow us to stay on top of technology innovation and global market trends.

As a dairy company, we need to be diversified and flexible so that we can continue to thrive in volatile times. For example, low prices in the skim milk powder industry recently promoted a shift to focus on the butter market where prices have skyrocketed following a global shortage.

Ashgrove continuously invests in state-of the-art technology to lower production cost and increase output. Adding to the resilience of Ashgrove is its position as a manufacture of the first shelf stable natural cheese snack.


Tell us about your AmazeBalls product and what makes it unique?

Ashgrove Farm:
 AmazeBalls is the first Australian made dehydrated cheese snack.  It’s crafted from the Ashgrove Farm milk supply and was a way for our consumers to get the protein and nutrients they need in an easy-to-eat dairy format. We also love that it retains all of the natural cheese flavours and is a clean label snack.


What specific product characteristics or processing capabilities were you looking for during your product development an technology search?

Ashgrove Farm: Innovation and shelf stability were key considerations during our product development search. We also wanted to ensure that any new product was natural, with the potential to scale to meet growth requirements for our company. 

When you work in the Dairy industry you also look for products that allow you to build in market resilience. Transformational innovation and transformational technology allow us to use our current product offerings for new market channels. With EnWave’s technology we’re using the same ingredients just transformed through technology.

“With EnWave’s technology we’re using
the same ingredients just
transformed through technology.”


What other types of drying or dehydration equipment were you evaluating during your search?

Ashgrove Farm: We were looking at conventional Freeze Dryers but this technology uses so much water. It’s also not unique in Tasmania or Australia. We actually found EnWave through a google search while looking for this alternative technology. 


What made REV technology seem like the best fit for your needs?

Ashgrove Farm: The fast processing speeds made this technology really attractive. That in conjunction with minimal use of water. We also liked that this was proven technology but was still unique in the Australian market.

“The fast processing speeds made this
technology really attractive”



How would you describe the Research &Development phase? What was your experience like working in the pilot plant with EnWave’s food science team?

Ashgrove Farm: The whole experience working with the EnWave team was positive. The entire technical team was very knowledgeable and supportive. 


What have been some of the best customer comments you’ve had so far on your commercially available REV products?

Ashgrove Farm: We get a range of positive comments about our product. Things like “These are seriously game-changing!” or “so delicious and so low in carbs and sugars … yummmm!”. Some of our customers even call them “addictive”. Overall, the product has been well received.

We get a range of positive
comments about our products.

Things like:
“These are seriously game-changing!”




Where can people find your products for purchase?

Ashgrove Farm: We have product across Australia at IGA Independent Grocers, Woolworths (Australia’s Largest Retailer), TBC Tasmania and Victoria. We’ve also seen Fine Food and Health stores pick up our products as well as health and keto snack stores. We also sell the product online on the Ashgrove store. 


Would you recommend EnWave to other entrepreneurs and food companies in other areas? 

Ashgrove Farm: Yes – to date our experience and ongoing communication with Enwave has been excellent. We highly recommend working with Enwave.